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About Us

We've spent the last two and a half years crafting a keyboard for uncompromising typists. The Keyboardio Model 01 is a computer keyboard for people who live and die by their keyboards: programmers, journalists, and writers.

With an advanced ergonomic layout, premium mechanical keyswitches that are a joy to type on, custom-sculpted keycaps that guide your fingers into the right place, a warm feeling hardwood enclosure, and ultra-customizable open firmware the Model 01 is unlike anything else on the market today.

Keyboardio began as a hobby project in the summer of 2012. A SaaS startup Jesse had been working on was failing. He was pretty burned out and decided to take a bit of time off to play around and figure out "the next thing." While he was experimenting with new software startup ideas, Jesse procrastinated by trying to build himself a keyboard. (This may or may not have been an excuse to teach himself to solder, play with microcontrollers, and mess around with a lasercutter.) When we started out building our first keyboard, it was very much a hobby project. After the second or third prototype, we started having trouble using our keyboards in public; people kept interrupting us to ask where they could buy the keyboards we were using. We finally took the hint.

Two years later, we’ve graduated from hardware accelerator Highway1, taken investment from Bloomberg Beta and have a waitlist well over 6,500 people long. We launch the Model 01 on Kickstarter on June 15, 2015.


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Founder bios

Jesse Vincent

RT: Creator of Request Tracker, the world’s leading open source ticketing system. It’s handled trillions of tickets through deploys ranging from Facebook to FedEx to the Federal Reserve. Founded Best Practical Solutions to provide support and custom development

K-9: Creator of K-9 Mail, the leading open email client for Android. 5M+ downloads, 1.7M+ active devices

Perl: Served as project lead for the Perl 5 programming language. More or less rescued the language: introduced and systematized release methodology; got out the first new release in over five years

Kindle: First person to root the Kindle 2; ported ePub and PDF readers as well as Ubuntu and X11 to the device

Kaia Dekker

L.E.K.: Market and strategy consulting to global companies. Earned early promotion based on performance reviews in top 10% of class. Most impressive project was working with a retailer on a turnaround budget that helped them become the top-performing NASDAQ stock that year. Most awesome project was conducting due diligence on an Australian auto racing league on behalf of a private equity firm.

Jefferies Broadview: Investment banker on billions of dollars of transactions. Ranked in top tranche of analyst class. Sole analyst on her favorite deal: selling a sports website to CBS for 53x revenue

Fancy credentials: MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth, B.S. in Physics with Economics and Planetary Sciences minors from MIT

Branding guidelines

Our company’s name is pronounced “key-BOARD-ee-oh”. It’s spelled and capitalized like this: Keyboardio. Our website is, but the company name does not have dots in it.

Our first product, a gorgeous comfortable computer keyboard, is "the Model 01" or "the Keyboardio Model 01".

The Keyboardio logo is available for download in a variety of formats optimized for print or web.

The official Keyboardio orange is #EF5022, also known as RGB 238 / 49 / 25. We do not have a PANTONE® color.