Model 01 Kickstarter Day 11: Arch Reactor in St Louis + Clicky Switches are now an option

Hello from Eureka, Missouri!

First up, some product news. We're thrilled to announce that we're going to be able to offer you the option of a nice, loud, clicky Model 01.

A few days ago, we stopped in Toronto to visit Matias, our keyswitch manufacturer. One of the things we talked about was whether we could offer a version of the Model 01 with loud, clicky switches. They confirmed that we'll be able to do so. So today, we're pleased to announce a new backer reward–$309 for a Model 01 with loud, clicky switches.

If you're getting a pair of Model 01s or a Mahogany Limited Edition Model 01, those now come with your choice of switch. We'll email you after the Kickstarter campaign ends to find out whether you'd prefer your Model 01s quiet or loud.

We're not 100% sure we're going to be able to stock clicky Model 01s long-term, so if you want one, now's the right time to back us.

Both keyswitch variants are made by Matias, and both are rated for the same 50 million keypresses. One is just much noisier. 

Generally, we prefer the quiet switches. We think that your coworkers and housemates will too. But, if you want a bit more clack out of your keyboard, we certainly don't want to stop you.

If you'd like to hear the difference between the quiet and clicky switches, Matias has published recordings of what they sound like.

If you've already backed us for a Model 01 and want a loud keyboard, just click this link and select the new $309 tier.

Today, we were at Arch Reactor in St Louis. Just as we were getting set up, we had a surprise visit from Sarah and Geoff, old friends from the Perl community.

The makerspace was somewhat quiet tonight as folks had mostly already packed for the upcoming Kansas City Maker Faire

@tweetmybot, doing its thing.
@tweetmybot, doing its thing.

We did get to see one amazing work-in-progress last-minute hack for the Maker Faire: a twitterbot called @tweetmybot. Unlike @tinysubversions' bots, it's powered by a Raspberry Pi and actually drives around in response to simple commands via @message. When fully working, it sends back photos of what it sees after running your command.

Leaving Arch Reactor, we saw this license plate. It's an omen.
Leaving Arch Reactor, we saw this license plate. It's an omen.

Tomorrow is our first day without a keyboard show and tell since we launched on Kickstarter a week and a half ago. Sure, we've got 10 hours in the car to look forward to, but it'll be nice to have a day off. We probably won't write again until Saturday evening.

Saturday afternoon, we're at Dallas Makerspace. Come visit! 

Sunday, we're in Austin at ATX Hackerspace. We'd love to see you!

Today, we drove 298 miles, bringing the trip total to 2903. We would have gone further, but catastrophic thunderstorms with torrential downpours made driving treacherous. We ended up stopping for the night in front of Six Flags St Louis. Sadly, we don't quite have time to spend tomorrow at an amusement park. We might, however, take a few minutes to check out the World's Largest Rocking Chair.

As of this moment, 1095 of you have pledged $335,053. Thank you!

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