In a nutshell...

We make super comfortable keyboards that are beautiful and hackable.

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Why We Made It

We come from different backgrounds, but all of us have spent most of our work lives (and a good deal of our personal lives) in front of a computer. Keyboards are the fastest, most accurate way to get information into a computer. Still, most keyboards out there just aren't very good: they're uncomfortable, unattractive, and poorly made. We want to change that with Keyboardio.

The Model 01 is our first product, and like all our products, it will ship with "source code and a screwdriver". We believe hardware should be open - you should have access to the firmware so you can make it better. We also believe hardware should be beautiful and work well right out of the box. Basically it's the keyboard we always wanted, but had to build ourselves.

Founding Story

Jesse created the first prototype of what would become the Keyboardio Model 01 as a hobby project, because he wanted a better keyboard. Since then, we've been through dozens of prototypes, read hundreds of pages of ergonomics research, set one 3D printer on fire, and conducted long-term tests with some wonderful beta testers.

Kaia and Jesse co-founded Keyboardio to bring beautiful keyboards to the world. They met when Kaia saw a tiny Vaio laptop Jesse was using and she just needed to learn more - you might say working on consumer electronics together is destiny. Their strengths are complementary: Jesse has experience building amazing open technologies that help people work better; Kaia has experience in finance, operations, strategy, and marketing. And they've been married since 2007.

Keyboardio's first product, the Model 01, was developed while at Highway1, a hardware incubator based in San Francisco but with Shenzhen roots. We’re also supported by angel investments from people who’ve used their keyboards to change the world, including early engineers at Twitter and Nest, the founder of a dozen local newspapers, and the founder of Poetica.