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Box of Crap, November 2023: Dubious treasures from the markets of Shenzhen

Hi! We’re Keyboardio.  Our usual gig is making some of the best keyboards in the world. If you’re reading this shortly after we posted it, our 2023 Black Friday sale is on. You can pick up one of our keyboards for the best price of the year over on shop.keyboard.io. (We’ll repeat the marketing call-to-action at the end of this post, but everything in the middle is pure, unadulterated narrative about weird stuff you can buy in the electronics markets in Shenzhen China, with a couple brief digressions into logistics. If you want to be informed about our future Boxes...

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Black Friday sale 2023

Hello from Florida!We're a little late getting this email out to you because we’re traveling to visit family this week, but we're happy to announce that just about everything we sell is now on sale, with discounts of up to 40% off.Here's what we've got for you:1. Model 100: Elevate your typing experience The Model 100 is our flagship ergonomic mechanical keyboard. Milled out of two solid chunks of premium hardwood, it combines design and functionality in one eminently typable package. It comes complete with a convenient carrying case, your choice of premium switches, full-color LEDs, and a layout designed...

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Two new keyboards coming soon from Keyboardio!

Hello from Berkeley! You might not know it from the weather, but fall's here and no matter whether you're headed back to the office or back to school, it's a great time to treat yourself to a new keyboard. Now's a great time to pick up a new Atreus or Model 100.  You can use coupon code SEPTEMBER2023 to take 10% off a new keyboard. Over the past few months, we've been pretty quiet while we've been gearing up for our next few projects. We’ve also been busy settling into our new place, having moved about half a mile north to Berkeley early...

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Closing Model 100 pre-orders soon

We've shipped out our pilot run of the Model 100, and are starting our mass production run soon.  If you want to pre-order, now is the time. Pre-orders get a discount off of the retail price and can choose from four switch types and two types of wood enclosure.

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And we're fully funded! The Model 100 is coming in January

Right now, we expect that keyboards ordered on InDemand will be rolled into the same mass production run as the Kickstarter orders.  If there are any unexpected supply shortages or delays, Kickstarter backers will get their keyboards first. TL;DR: We're starting to order raw materials for manufacturing; Surveys to come; Post-campaign preorders are open on Indiegogo   Hello from Oakland! Thank you all. It's been quite a month. Last night, the Kickstarter campaign wrapped up. With less than 15 minutes to go, we ticked past $900,000 pledged. 2569 people pledged $901,653 for a total of 2750 keyboards, which we'll be shipping to...

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