Model 01 Kickstarter Day 24: Eugene Maker Space in Eugene, Oregon

Hello from Albany, Oregon!

This morning, we set out from Keyboardio World Headquarters in Oakland, CA for a meetup at Eugene Maker Space in Eugene, Oregon. After two days at home, it was hard to say goodbye to the cats and head off to the Pacific Northwest. After seeing record flooding in Oklahoma last week, it was sobering to see just how low the water level in Shasta Lake was.

Eugene Maker Space consists of a small front officey area and a larger warehousey feeling common room and shop. Like a bunch of spaces we’ve visited, they have a webcam taking regular snapshots of the common room, along with custom software for building up and emailing out time-lapse animations of activity in the space. We’d hoped to get the time-lapse of tonight’s event in time for this update, but it’s stuck somewhere in the intertubes.

Piotr Esden-Tempski facilitated tonight’s meetup. When he started asking us questions about where we’re thinking of manufacturing the Model 01 and what sorts of dilligence we’re planning to do on our potential manufacturing partners, it quickly became clear that he’s been through this process before us. Later on in the evening, we got to see some of the UAVs and UAV autopilots he makes as part of As we talked, it came out that he actually has a proper Pick and Place PCB assembly machine at home. We’re…kinda jealous.

One of the coolest toys in the space was an enormous pumpkin slingshot they built for their annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition.

The most interesting new product thing this evening was probably the clicky Model 01. We stayed up a little bit too late last night getting a clicky Model 01 assembled. We haven’t had time to flash firmware onto it yet, but if you want to get a sense of what a clicky Model 01 sounds like,we’ll have it at all four of our remaining meetups. We’ll also try to record a bit of audio comparing the quiet and clicky Model 01s.

A couple days ago, Kaia wrote a bit on Medium about why typing matters to her.

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