Day 32 since we started the Model 01 Kickstarter: Thank you! and stats

Hello from beautiful Oakland, California!

Well, yesterday was quite a day. Thank you all so, so so much! Both for the kind words and for backing us. We’re incredibly happy with how the campaign turned out and really excited to get back to engineering. In the coming months, we plan to keep you updated on our progress, but won’t be burying you under a pile of daily updates.

Over the next month, we’re going to do a first pass at updating the design of the Model 01’s keycaps based on all the feedback we’ve already gotten from you. At the same time, we’ll be doing another “spin” of our electronics to test out all the changes we hope to make before production. Now that we have a good sense of how big our initial production run will be, we’re going to be picking up conversations with potential manufacturing partners.

If you’ll be in Portland for OSCON next week, we’ll have a few Model 01 prototypes there as part of their Hardware Showcase. You can register for a free expo-only conference badge using the discount code ‘PCEXPOPLUS’ Drop by and say hi!

If you missed the campaign, it’s now possible to preorder a Model 01 online at

The campaign by the numbers

Backers: 2073 Total dollars pledged: $652,001

Percentage of original goal reached: 543%

Total dollars pledged, as percentage of all funds ever pledged on Kickstarter: 0.036%

Total Kickstarter video plays: 168,639

Percentage of video plays completed: 34.53%

Most conservative estimate of total hours spent watching our Kickstarter video: about 1.5 person-years

Rank among Kickstarter technology projects by total dollars raised when we funded: 62 of 15,897

Rank among all Kickstarter projects ever by total dollars raised when we funded: 206 of 89,012

(Above: actual roadtrip route as tracked by Google)

Miles driven during: 8372

States visited: 25

States visited: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington

Provinces visited: Ontario, British Columbia

States missed by fewer than 5 miles: Kansas

Districts missed by fewer than 5 miles: Washington DC

Average speed during the campaign: 13mph. That’s about the comfortable hopping speed of a Red Kangaroo

Number of backers who were already subscribed to our mailing list: 608

Mailing list to Kickstarter conversion: 9.4%

Number of “startup pack” rewards: 1

Number of mahogany limited edition keyboard rewards: 11

Number of two-pack rewards: 260

Number of loud clicky keyboard rewards: 146

Number of quiet keyboard rewards: 1438

Number of screwdriver rewards: 32

Number of source code rewards: 166

Number of backers who didn’t want any reward: 31

Keyboards sold: 2125

Keyswitches we’ll use: 136,000

LEDs we’ll use: 136,000

Approximate number of solder joints for all Kickstarter units: 1.75 Million

Approximate length of all USB cables we’ll ship with Kickstarter Model 01s: 1.2 Miles

Thank you again. You’ve been nothing short of amazing.

(Above: it’s been a long month. We’re going to get back to work soon. But maybe not today.)

<3 j+k

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