Keyboardio Atreus coming soon


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be launching the Kickstarter campaign for the Keyboardio Atreus on Tuesday, March 17, at 9AM US/Pacific time. 

The Keyboardio Atreus is a minimalist ergonomic keyboard designed in partnership with Phil Hagelberg of Technomancy. It features 44 hot-swappable Kailh MX-style keyswitches, rearrangeable black keycaps, a USB C connector, all in an ultra-compact form-factor that’s very nearly pocketable. The Atreus is powered by Kaleidoscope, Keyboardio’s open-source keyboard firmware and is fully supported by Chrysalis, our cross-platform graphical configuration tool.

On Kickstarter, the Atreus will be just $99. After the campaign, we expect that the retail price will be $150.

When we launch, we expect to have a limited number of early-delivery keyboards with Box White and Speed Copper switches from our pilot run available. They’ll come with the same one-year warranty as regular Keyboardio Atreus keyboards, and they’ll still cost just $99, but we expect them to ship within days of the end of the campaign. These early-delivery keyboards may sell out quickly. 
To make sure Kickstarter notifies you the second the campaign goes live, click the big green button at

<3 Jesse & Kaia

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