A peek inside the Atreus


We designed the Keyboardio Atreus to be easy to field-strip with a standard Philips screwdriver, though it's not something you should generally need to do.

The anodized aluminum plate is secured to the bottom tray with 12 countersunk flat-head tapping screws hidden underneath the keycaps.

Remove the screws to take the keyboard out of the tray

 Once you lift the plate and circuit board out of the tray, you'll see that all of the components on the circuit board are mounted to the bottom side. This makes them easy to access without separating the circuit board and the plate.

All of the components are soldered to the back of the circuit board.

The circuit board is secured to the plate with seven pan-head machine screws. If you ever need to separate the circuit board from the plate, just unscrew it—no soldering iron required.