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Jesse and Kaia at OSCON 2014. (Photo: Julian Cash)
Jesse and Kaia at OSCON 2014. (Photo: Julian Cash)

Keyboardio is Jesse Vincent and Kaia Dekker

Keyboardio began as a hobby project in the summer of 2012. A SaaS startup Jesse had been working on was failing. He was pretty burned out and decided to take a bit of time off to play around and figure out "the next thing." While he was experimenting with new software startup ideas, Jesse procrastinated by trying to build himself a keyboard. When we started out building our first keyboard, it was very much a hobby project. After the second or third prototype, we started having trouble using our keyboards in public–people kept interrupting us to ask where they could buy the keyboards we were using. 

Jesse Vincent

Jesse's spent most of his career working on open-source software. In 1996, he created Request Tracker (RT), an issue tracking system that's used by everyone from tiny nonprofits to Fortune 50 corporations and Federal agencies. He's the original author of K-9 Mail, an open-source email client for Android with a couple million active users. Jesse was the project leader for the Perl programming language for the 5.12 and 5.14 releases.

Kaia Dekker

After graduating from MIT with a BS in Physics, Kaia worked as an investment banker, helping startups get themselves bought by giant megacorps. From there, she went into strategy consulting, helping some of those same megacorps maximize shareholder value. Figuring that the next step was to go to work for a megacorp, Kaia went back to school, picking up an MBA from the Tuck School of Business in scenic Hanover, NH. Upon further reflection, she's decided it'd be more fun to just build Keyboardio into a megacorp.

An early prototype which sums up how we feel about you.
An early prototype which sums up how we feel about you.

 You can reach us at questions@keyboard.io.  Our legal mailing address is PO Box 22492, Oakland CA 94609, USA.

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