We're mostly a hardware company, but we still write code.


We've built our keyboard firmware on top of Arduino, the world's most widely used open platform for embedded hardware development. The global Arduino community is rich, vibrant, friendly and incredibly prolific.

Specifically, the Model 01 is built around the Atmel ATmega32U4, a powerful AVR microcontroller that's particularly good at being a USB device (like a keyboard or a mouse).

We've been working on patches to Arduino to give our logic board (or any other ATmega32U4 board) USB superpowers. Our work in progress is currently available in the form of a Github pull request for Arduino. We've got some more work to do to get the code into Arduino proper, but we're excited to do that work.

The Keyboardio Firmware

Our Keyboard firmware is freely available on Github. We've designed it to be simple and reasonably straightforward for someone new to Arduino and embedded programming to get started with.

We've been typing day in and day out on keyboards running our firmware since late 2013. The code didn't change much in the first half of 2014—we were focusing on hardware design and learning about manufacturing.

While we primarily designed our firmware to be useful to folks with our keyboards, we know of a few hobbyists who are already using it for their own creations, too.