Connecting your keyboard

The Atreus and Model 100 are both USB keyboards.

 In the box with your keyboard, you'll find a USB cable with a USB C connector at one end and a USB A connector at the other. 

Connecting to a device with a USB A port

If your computer has a USB A port, just plug the included cable into your computer and your keyboard. That's all you need to do.


Connecting to a device with a USB C port

Most modern computers, as well as many Android phones, Android tablets, and iPads come with USB C ports. To connect your keyboard to a device with a USB C port, you'll need a USB C to USB C cable.  Often, but not always, your charging cable will work just fine to connect your keyboard to your device.


Connecting to a device with a Lightning port

iPhones and many iPads have a single Lightning port. The charging cable you use to connect your device to your computer or to a charger will have a lightning connector on one end and a USB connector on the other end. That other connector might be USB A, which fits into your computer, or it might be USB C. A normal Lightning to USB C cable will physically connect your keyboard to your device, but it will not allow you to use your keyboard. 

To connect the keyboard to a device with a Lightning port, you need a special adaptor cable from Apple.

As of this writing, the following adaptors are the only ones we have verified as compatible with USB keyboards

Connecting to a device with a MicroUSB port

Some phones and tablets with MicroUSB ports support a standard called "USB-OTG" which allows them to use USB peripherals like keyboards or USB memory sticks. Typically, you need a special adaptor or cable to enable USB-OTG. We strongly recommend that you consult the manufacturer of your device to make sure it supports USB-OTG and to find out what kind of cable or adaptor you might need.