Model 01 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Model 01 work with my computer?

Yes! It’s been extensively tested with macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux. No additional drivers are needed; just plug in the keyboard and start typing.

If it’s the first time you’re using the Model 01 with a macOS device, you may get a message: “Press the key immediately to the right of the Shift key on the left side of the keyboard that can't be identified”. Press z. On the next screen, select ANSI.  

There is a bug in macOS Catalina 10.15 and 10.15.1 that prevents flashing the Model 01 (or many Arduino device's) firmware; this bug is resolved in macOS Catalina 10.15.2.

Does the Model 01 work with my mobile device?

On Android devices: in general, the Model 01 works great for typing. LED support is limited, mainly due to power draw. While we support full N-key rollover on desktop operating systems, on Android keyboard will only support 10 key rollover (registering ten simultaneous keypresses at once).

On iOS devices: iPads with USB-C ports (2018 and newer models) will support Model 01 typing out of the box. LED support is limited due to power draw. iOS 10 devices with lightning ports may require special firmware modifications; email if you are considering buying a Model 01 primarily for use with an older iOS 10 device. iOS 9 and earlier devices work with the Model 01.

How loud or quiet is the Model 01?

It is remarkably quiet for a mechanical keyboard.  It is a little bit louder than a typical laptop keyboard.

You can find recordings of switch volume of Matias Quiet Click (what we use) with Cherry switches (what most mechanical keyboards use) here: . These recordings were done at 1 foot above the keyboard, and so represent what the typist would hear; it would of course be quieter in another cubicle.

Our customers have tended to find the Model 01 to be OK to use in a workplace, even an open-plan workplace, without being too loud or distracting to others. (This is not the case with many of the other mechanical keyboards on the market.)

What is the Model 01 layout? 

The default Model 01 layout is based around QWERTY, with a few improvements (such as putting shift on your thumb rather than your pinky). You can view and print a copy of it here

Of course, you can remap the keys on the Model 01 to other layouts. You can download a blank template to design your own layout, or you can see layout cards for some common layouts here

How do I change the Model 01 layout?

The simplest way is to install Chrysalis, our graphical configuration tool. This makes it easy to change the key layout and LED layout. 

If you're an advanced user interested in compiling your own firmware, you can use the Arduino IDE on a computer running macOS, Windows or Linux to build and install new firmware. Instructions for installing the Arduino IDE and using it to flash new firmware onto the Model 01 start on this wiki page.

I have big (or small) hands. Will the Model 01 work for me?

Probably! When designing the Model 01 we looked at studies on men's and women's hands, and we've had testers (and customers) with a wide range of hand sizes use it happily. If you have exceptionally large or small hands, you may want to try printing out this life-size diagram of the key layout to see how your hands feel on it.  Print it out at 100% scale (it will take more than one sheet of 8.5"x11" or A4 paper). 

Do you offer non-QWERTY layouts? 

There are two answers to this question.

For the firmware, yes, absolutely. You can change the keyboard to QWERTZ, Dvorak, Workman, Colemak, Spanish, German, etc. In fact, you can change any key to type any other key you might find on a keyboard, such as ñ or ß or any other symbol you want.

The keycap labels are a bit more complicated. Because our keycaps are uniquely sculpted, you can not simply rearrange a standard QWERTY layout in order to get an alternative layout. However, we sell a variety of keycaps: Dvorak, Colemak, black, translucent, and Linear A.  

What does the Model 01 ship with?

  • A left and right half of a keyboard
  • QWERTY keycaps pre-installed
  • Octopus feet / stands for helping to tent the Model 01
  • Tenting bars that hold the two halves together in a flat or tented configuration
  • Short interconnect cable
  • Long interconnect cable (about 1m / 3 ft)
  • USB A-to-C cable, about 1.5m / 5 ft long
  • Laminated keymap
  • Quick start guide
  • Source code and a screwdriver

How should I transport my Model 01?

Properly taken care of, your Model 01 should be a good companion for many years.

When transporting your Model 01, make sure that the keys are protected from scrapes, impacts, and gunk. We’ve found that a roomy 13” laptop sleeve makes a great soft case. 

If you separate the two halves of the keyboard for transportation, disconnect the RJ45 interconnect cable to reduce the chance of a strong tug hurting the connectors. If you would prefer to keep the two halves of your keyboard connected for transport, use only the flat center bar, not the tented bar.

We strongly recommend disconnecting the stands (or anything else) from the tripod mounts on the bottom of the keyboard when packing it for transport.

How can I get an invoice?

You will receive an email receipt after checkout. If you need an official invoice in addition, please write us at and tell us your order number as well as any information you need included on the invoice (company name, address, etc.)

What is your refund policy?

We are happy to offer you a full refund at any time before your Model 01 ships. All you have to do is ask.

While we are happy to replace or repair defective keyboards under the terms of our one year limited warranty, we are unable to offer refunds for used keyboards. In particular, because we don’t sell refurbished keyboards, we aren’t able to accept returns on used keyboards just because the purchaser doesn’t like it.

What is the warranty?

Limited one-year parts and labor warranty

If you have purchased a new Model 01 from Keyboardio or an authorized distributor, your keyboard is covered by a limited one-year parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase.

Opening your keyboard does not void your warranty

Your keyboard comes with a screwdriver. You can use this screwdriver to disassemble your keyboard. Be careful when doing this, as there are sensitive electronics inside and damage to the electronics due to you poking at them will void your warranty. The mere act of unscrewing the parts of your Model 01, however, does not void your warranty.

Replacing or updating your keyboard’s firmware does not void your warranty

The Model 01’s firmware is open source. You are free to modify it and, if you wish, to share your changes. It’s also possible to replace our firmware entirely. We’ve done a bunch of work to make sure that you can’t “brick” (destroy) your keyboard just by flashing alternate firmware. If you think that you might have bricked your keyboard, please drop us a line and we can walk you through recovery procedures.

That said, it is possible for custom firmware to do things that will destroy your keyboard. If misbehaving custom firmware destroys your keyboard, that voids your warranty.

Using the expansion connector does not void your warranty

You have the right to modify your Model 01. That means that we’re ok with you changing the keyboard’s firmware and doing unspeakable things to the keyboard’s circuit board. To that end, we’ve provided an “expansion” connector inside the left side of the Model 01. This connector gives you access to all the pins you might find on an Arduino Leonardo. Simply plugging something into this expansion connector does not void your warranty, but as you’ll read below, frying the board by doing so does void the warranty.

Misusing the expansion connector may void your warranty

It is entirely possible for you to wire up custom electronics to the expansion connector in a way that will destroy your keyboard. While this voids your warranty, a good write-up of what you were trying to do and where you went wrong is likely to get you a nice discount on a repair or replacement. If you’re doing something interesting with the expansion port, consider documenting (and photographing) your work as you go. If things go well, you’ll have a tutorial to share. If things go badly, at least you’ll have a well-documented sob story.

Accidental or intentional damage will void your warranty

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but does not cover accidents, abuse or normal wear and tear.

The Model 01’s enclosure is made from wood. We’ve worked hard to design the Model 01’s enclosure to be as sturdy as possible. When treated well, it should last you for many years. However, unlike plastic and metal, wood has a habit of shattering when dropped. It also tends to crack when you freeze it or bake it. Really, there are a lot of ways to damage wooden parts. Damage to the wooden enclosure which we determine is not the result of a defect in manufacture or workmanship is not covered by the warranty.

Contact us about repairs

If your keyboard stops working, please contact us at and we’ll work with you to figure out the best way to get you back up to speed.

If we determine that your keyboard was damaged due to to an accident or abuse or that it is otherwise out of warranty, we may, at our option, choose to repair your keyboard, or offer you replacement parts or a replacement keyboard at a discount.

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