Model 100 keyswitch test mode

The firmware shipped on your Keyboardio Model 100 includes a "factory test" mode designed to ensure that all the switches and all the LEDS on your keyboard are functioning correctly.
To enter hardware test mode, press the t Left Fun key, the Prog Key, and the LED key at the same time.
All the keys should flash through a couple iterations of a rainbow. (If you can not enter hardware test mode, you may be running a version of the firmware without the factory test mode installed, one of those three keys may be misbehaving, or another key might be stuck on.)
Next tap the left Fun key until all the keys turn orange.

You have entered the hardware test mode.

As you push down each key on the keyboard, it should turn green once it has been actuated.
If you wiggle a key while it's fully pressed, it should remain green. If it flashes multiple colors while pressed down, there may be a physical issue with your switch or circuit board.
When you release a key, it should turn blue.
If a key turns red once released, that means that the keyboard has detected that there might be an issue with that switch. (The test mode is designed to be extra sensitive).


To exit the factory test mode, you need to physically disconnect and reconnect your keyboard.

If you need a hand interpreting the results of the factory test mode or the test mode has turned up something you believe to be an issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at