Box of Crap, Take Two

We know we’re behind on a real progress update. Jesse’s in Shenzhen right now working with the factory to try to resolve a bunch of the remaining issues blocking production. He’s posting pictures of some of our progress to @keyboardio on Twitter. This Sunday, the factory is closed, so he’s going to “relax” by putting together another box of crap from the legendary Hua Qiang Bei electronics market.

You can read a bit more about our last run of boxes at

A couple of important caveats:

- This is a box of useless crap. It’s useless.

- It might be even more useless than last time, since we’re going to try to avoid including anything battery powered.

- We’re still only shipping to the US.

- We can only manage about 50 boxes. (That’s still a lot of crap). If you bought one last time, let somebody else get a box this time instead.

If you’re still interested, boxes go on sale at 1PM Eastern on Saturday at the link below:

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$ 456.78
$ 123,456.78