A box of crap from Shenzhen

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We really need your phone number on your order.  The international shipping companies get snippy if we don't have it.

We'll send you a box of worthless amazing crap from the electronics markets in Shenzhen, China.  

We've got some idea of what will get thrown into your box, but we won't know for sure until after we've gone shopping. It'll probably include some computer or phone accessories, maybe an input device or actual phone or something if we see something weird and cool and crappy enough. If you have specific requests, send them to @obra on Twitter.

To maximize the amount of dreck we can send you, slow-boat shipping to anywhere in the USA is included in the price of the box. Expedited shipping and delivery to addresses outside the USA are not available at this time.

None of this stuff comes with any warranty. It's exceeding likely that the box will contain items known to the State of California to cause cancer. 

Limit: one to a customer.

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