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A box of crap from Shenzhen

A box of crap from Shenzhen

 We really need your phone number on your order.  The shipping companies get snippy if we don't have it.  The Box of Crap can only be shipped to the US. 

We'll send you a box of worthless amazing crap from the electronics markets in Shenzhen, China.  

As of right now, we know exactly what will get thrown into your box, but part of the magic of the Box of Crap is that you don't know what you're getting from your mini-tour of Shenzhen's electronics markets until you open the proverbial box.

There's something in the box to protect yourself from spying eyes. There's something that will help you see. There's something to help tear apart everything you get, and something to effect repairs. There's something to document everything that's awful and pointless about all this crap. There's something to keep the various devices you've got charged up in style. And there are a couple things that'll help you while away the time. And of course, it's all Made in China.  

In today's very globalized world, it's not surprising that we've been able to find stuff that's similar to most of the Crap on Amazon or other western ecommerce sites (with the exception of one fascinating item that we've never seen anywhere but in the tiny little shop where we found it.)  

Since we were buying wholesale from brokers much closer to the original factories, we're definitely able to get you a premium amount of curated worthless crap at significantly discounted prices.

Shipping the Boxes won't be cheap, especially since some of the Crap we're sending has batteries and we're paying extra for the packages to be trackable and to be able to recover them if there are delivery issues.

Our goal is to actually make a profit on this project (unlike the last two times we've done this), so we can keep finding you more Crap in the future.

Once the Boxes, we'll write a bit about the adventure of buying all this stuff, what we paid, and what we've learned since about direct-from-factory pricing for some of it.

To maximize the amount of dreck we can send you, shipping to anywhere in the USA is included in the price of the box. Expedited shipping and delivery to addresses outside the USA are not available at this time.

None of this stuff comes with any warranty. It's exceeding likely that the box will contain items known to the State of California to cause cancer.  You don't want any of this crap.

Limit: one to a customer.

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