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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 10: Chicago and a bit about Highway1

Hello from Bolingbrook, Illinois! Possibly the most exciting thing to happen to us today was that we actually had time to sit in a cafe for 3 hours and reply to email. This evening's meetup was hosted by Raise.com in downtown Chicago. We spent a bit of time talking about the center connecting bar the Model 01 uses and how we're going to change it for production. The design we have right now uses keyhole style fasteners. Our original design had used a sliding bar mechanism that turned out to be very expensive to manufacture, so we went back to the drawing board.  What...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 7: synHAK in Akron & not getting our keyboards confiscated at the border

Hello from Hamilton, Ontario. Today, we started off somewhere outside Cincinnati and made our way to synHAK in Akron. The drive there was largely uneventful, though we made it with only a few minutes to spare. synHAK is a neat space that's a lot bigger than it looks from the street. It just goes back a long way. (And we didn't even get to see their basement.) Clockwise from upper right: synHak’s craft lab full of sewing and fiber tools; parts for video editing station; 3D printer collection; “Hack Pile: Make, Repair, or Destroy” Highlights of the space included a fairly well...

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April Update: Highway1

Hi everybody,We’re sorry we haven’t written in a little while. It’s not that we don’t love you; it’s just that life’s been a little chaotic. Since we last wrote, we got accepted into Highway1, a hardware incubator. We had about a week and a half to pack up the workshop & cats and move out to San Francisco. We’re about a third of the way through the program. So far, it’s been amazing: we’ve gotten world-class help figuring out how to make a really, really nice keyboard for you. In early May, they’re taking us to Shenzhen in China to see how...

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Mech E / Prototyping Freelance Work or Internship

About us: We’re a startup creating computer keyboards for humans: ergonomic, portable, hackable, loveable.  Right now we’re based at Highway1’s incubator space at 450 Alabama, a few minutes’ walk from the 16th St BART and even fewer from a range of trendy third-wave coffee joints. We have a tiny bit of seed funding and are happy to pay you in money and coffee. Exactly how much money and how much coffee depends on the candidate. What we are looking for: Right now, we have a totally functional flat design (see http://keyboard.io). We’re looking for someone to help us prototype and design...

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Hey kids. It's time we talk about where hardware start-ups come from.

Keyboard.IO has graduated from ‘hobby project’ to 'start-up’. While on vacation in South America, we found out that we’ve been accepted to Highway1’s Spring 2014 class. Once we get home, we’ll have about 11 days to pack the cats and keyboards and move to San Francisco. It’s going to be amazing. (With apologies to Marko Kaye and the good folks at McSweeney’s) I realize it’s awkward, discussing these sordid matters with our friends, fans and followers, but we’ve incorporated a start-up. You all read the blog posts. Seriously, we had already in-all-but-name started a start-up in our attic. You saw the snapshots of...

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