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The Model 01 exists! We have pictures!

TL;DR:  We have a Keyboardio Model 01. We’re going to have 20 of them very soon. Then we’ll finish our video and launch a Kickstarter campaign. In the meantime, we hope this teaser video can help tide you over: When we last wrote (in November!), we told you that if things slipped even a tiny bit, we wouldn’t launch until early 2015. At that point, we fell into what Andy Baio calls ‘The Silence Trap’: Because things were moving slowly and we didn’t have something newsworthy to share, it was easier to keep our heads down and work on the...

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Hardware is slow

It’s January 2015 and you still can’t buy a Model 01. The conventional wisdom floating around the startup community is that “hardware is hard.” That’s true, but more fundamentally, hardware is slow. The first keyboard Jesse built took him about 40 hours of work once he had all the parts on hand. After a few iterations and a whole lot of experimentation, he could go from design concept to working keyboard in less than a day. That keyboard would have been laser-cut from plywood at Danger!Awesome in Cambridge, MA; populated with Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches scrounged from anywhere he could find them, Signature Plastics keycaps...

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We're coming to your town soon

We're coming to your town soon!   Hi everybody,   Keyboard design is proceeding apace. We’ve been hard at work making sure the Model 01 is the most comfortable, best designed keyboard on Earth. Last month, we told you that we were working hard to launch our crowdfunding campaign this year, but that if we slipped even a tiny bit, we were going to end up waiting until early 2015.  We’ve made a ton of progress in the last month. We’re really, really close. But we’re not there yet. We’re going to make it up to you. In person. As soon...

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Slappyhour – A love letter to Slack's webhooks

Spoiler alert: This blog post isn’t about keyboards. – Jesse Keyboardio is a very small company, but we all come from a culture of using online chat to get business done. We’ve used everything from MIT Zephyr to IRC to Lotus SameTime. (Heck, I even worked on early IETF standardization efforts for chat systems.) When we started Keyboardio, it was pretty much a nobrainer that we’d need some sort of chat system. We surveyed the field. In the end, it was down to Zulip and Slack. And then Dropbox bought and sunsetted Zulip. Our choice was easy. We’ve been incredibly happy with Slack. But there was one thing we were...

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October mailing list post

[This post went out to our mailing list last week. If you sign up for the list, you’ll hear about things a bit sooner.] Hey everybody. Over the past couple months, we’ve been thrilled to meet more than a few of you at OSCON, XOXO and TechCrunch Disrupt. When we haven’t been showing off the prototypes, we’ve been hard at work on the last bits of electrical and mechanical design before we go to crowdfunding. We’re getting close enough to start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And we need your help with one little thing to get...

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