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Building a Keyboard: Part 1

(This post originally appeared on Jesse’s blog in December, 2012.) In early 2012, I ran across a fascinating project on the keyboard forums at geekhack.org. The ErgoDox is a project by some gifted hobbyists to build a split ergonomic keyboard inspired by the Key64 Project. The Key64, in turn, counts the µTron, TypeMatrix, Maltron and Kinesis keyboards among its influences. The right place to read up on the ErgoDox is probably this thread on deskthority.net, since ergodox.org is still fairly spartan. As soon as I saw it, I signed up to buy an ErgoDox kit when the folks designing it were ready to start the group-buy...

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Model 00

(This post originally appeared on Jesse’s blog in December of 2013.) The Model 00 is very similar to the Mark 13 I mentioned over at http://blog.fsck.com/2013/12/better-and-better-keyboards.html, though it (finally) uses a PCB I designed and had Seeed Studio make me 10 copies of (for $200, including FedEx Next Day shipping from China!) and has a shell made from stained, polyurothane-coated birch plywood rather than acrylic sheets. It’s pretty close to a “final” layout for the keyboard we’re hoping to Kickstarter.So far, we’ve built out four of our 10 PCBs. Two of them are for us. The other two are being sent to unsuspecting...

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Better and Better keyboards

Better and better keyboards (This post originally appeared on Jesse’s blog in December of 2013.) It’s been a while since I’ve written about my keyboard-building adventures….apparently, I haven’t blogged about keyboards since April of this year. I’ve been too busy designing keyboards. The first thing I should get out of the way is that you’re going to be able to buy one. We’re working hard to finalize a design and find manufacturing partners. If you want to know when we’re ready to take your money, head on over to http://keyboard.io and sign up for our announcement list. When I last wrote about keyboards here,...

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Mark 2 Keyboard

(This post originally appeared on Jesse’s blog in April of 2013.) It’s been quite a while since I’ve written about my keyboard hacking project. Since I wrote up the Mark 1 keyboard, I’ve made 5 more keyboards. I’ve learned a bunch about soldering, I’ve learned how to operate a laser cutter and I’ve learned a bit about 3D printing. I’ve also learned a bit about ergonomics and keyboard design. I’m going to take this chronologically, even though that means I’m going to tell you about stuff that I later discovered was…not so right. So, bear with me through some clunky keyboard prototypes....

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A pound of Sculpey

(This post originally appeared on Jesse’s blog in January of 2013.) I’m starting to play around with what my first fully-homebrew keyboard design might look like.  This is my first pass at the left half of a keyboard: February 18th, 2014 9:03am

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