Building a Keyboard: Part 2

(This post originally appeared on Jesse’s blog in December, 2012.) An explanation of what I’m trying to do by writing this up When I started in on this project, I was a complete electronics newbie. I had no memory of holding a soldering iron. (Though as soon as that rosin core got hot, I recognized the smell. I’m pretty sure I must have soldered as a kid or in a past life or something.) I made…a number of mistakes as I built my first keyboard, but in the end I have a fully working keyboard. I’m attempting to recount, from memory, everything...

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(This post originally appeared on Jesse’s personal blog in December 2012.) I’ve been typing since 2rd grade or so, when my parents bought an Apple ][e. I started taking notes on a laptop in 8th grade. I tried to take a keyboarding class in 9th grade, since I’d never learned to type properly. Unfortunately, I typed well enough that I actually got kicked out of class. These days, I spend a lot of my time writing software. When I’m not doing that, I spend my time making trouble on the Internet. To say that I spend much of my time at a...

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