The Keyboardio Atreus


Getting your hands on an Atreus

You can order the Keyboardio Atreus at  New orders are currently available for immediate shipping. 

What comes in the box


How small is it?

The easiest way to get a feel for the size of the Atreus is to download and print this papercraft version.

Connecting your Atreus

Depending on what kind of device you're using, the instructions for connecting your keyboard may vary a bit. We wrote a quick guide to what kind of cable you should use with your Atreus.


Getting started with your new Atreus

You can find a guide to setting up your keyboard, installing Chrysalis, and updating the firmware on your keyboard, in the Keyboardio Atreus Getting Started guide.

Typing on your new Atreus

With just 44 keys, typing on the Atreus is a little different than typing on a traditional keyboard. To get you started, we've written a brief tutorial about how to use the Atreus' stock layers.

Customizing the key layout

The easiest way to update your keyboard's layout is to use Chrysalis, our graphical configuration tool for Windows, macOS and Linux.

You can download Chrysalis at As an example of how to use Chrysalis, here's a tutorial on how to add a caps lock key and here's one on how turn the "Fun" key into a "Fun" lock.

Open source firmware

The Atreus is powered by Kaleidoscope, a comprehensive open source firmware for keyboards. Kaleidoscope is built on top of the Arduino toolchain, so it's really easy to get started with.

We’ve designed Kaleidoscope to be easily customizable, with an extensive library of plugins to add nifty features you might find useful or entertaining.

You can learn more about Kaleidoscope at and

The source code for the firmware that shipped on your keyboard is available from our git repositories on GitHub. We publish a manifest of the exact source code versions used to build the firmware on your keyboard at

All mass-production Atreus keyboards shipped through 2024 come with the 'ATREUS-MP1-RTM' build.

Kaleidoscope is constantly improving. We strongly recommend that you use the latest version of Kaleidoscope from if you plan to customize your keyboard's firmware.

Getting help

If you need a hand with your Atreus, please don't hesitate to email us at