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Ending 2019 on a bright note

Hello from Shenzhen (after a brief stopover in Taiwan), It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us and we’ve got some news to report. The lawsuit In our last update, we told you a bit about the ongoing lawsuit against our old factory. At the time, our lawyer had requested court-supervised pre-trial mediation. The mediation process went slowly and up until the very last moment, we weren’t sure exactly how things were going to shake out. Because the mediation process took so long, the court automatically scheduled a trial date and notified both parties. Deadlines, it turns out, are a...

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We're making another keyboard.

We’re making another keyboard, and other news TL;DR:1. Lots of things are in stock: Keyboards! https://shop.keyboard.io/ Solid black keycaps! https://shop.keyboard.io/products/model-01-keycaps-black Travel cases! https://shop.keyboard.io/collections/model-01-accessories/products/model-01-travel-case 2. We got some of our tooling back! 3. Chrysalis is officially out of alpha! 4. We’re making another keyboard! Hello from Oakland, In June, we ended things on a bit of a cliffhanger about negotiations with our old factory. Below, you can read the next chapter in that saga. But first, we have a bit of exciting news to share. We’re making another keyboard! The Keyboardio Atreus An early prototype of the Keyboardio Atreus co-developed with Technomancy, presented with a banana, for scale. (The...

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Back in stock!

As of April 25, 2019 we have Model 01 units in stock.

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Backordered til end of April 2019

We are currently out of stock. New keyboards are expected at the warehouse by the end of the month (April 2019). You can place an order now and it will ship as soon as we have keyboards on hand.

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December 2018: A startling discovery

TL;DR: Due to serious financial misconduct at the factory that makes the Model 01, keycap sets that we believed were in the mail to some customers have yet to be shipped. We’re working to resolve the problem, but it may take us a while before we’re able to ship keycaps sets. The past few weeks have been stressful but Keyboardio is in good shape. Curious about what happened? Read on. In happier news, we’re caught up on back orders and the Model 01 is back in stock for immediate shipment at https://shop.keyboard.io Words we never wanted to hear “I’m not saying anything...

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