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Model 01 Day 1216: In which a record-setting typhoon is basically a footnote

Hello from Oakland, It’s been a few months since we last wrote, and lots has been happening! We’ve delivered (almost) all of the keyboards that had been preordered, had a couple hundred keyboards in stock, run out of stock, and started taking backorders for additional keyboards. We also have a bit of news about a travel case for the Model 01 and a mysterious teaser about our next product. Model 01 Hardware News Inventory With the exception of about five folks we haven’t been able to track down and some of the folks who ordered Mahogany Model 01s, we believe...

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May 2018: A brief update, with cats

Hello from Oakland, Since we last wrote, we’ve been working with the factory to finish off production of preordered keyboards and extra keycap sets. Our shipping partners have delivered our fourth production run (“MP4”) to customers, getting a few hundred more Model 01s out into the world. We’ve been working with the factory to coordinate delivery of MP5 keyboards, extra keycap sets, and replacement wooden enclosures. We had a long call with the factory last night. As of today, this is the latest status: Keyboards The factory started production of the 500 unit MP5 run on Saturday. 100 units in,...

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April 2018 update

TL;DR: Kickstarter units have almost all shipped; most post-Kickstarter pre-orders have shipped; extra keycap sets are expected to ship sometime in April Hello from Oakland, When we last wrote a public update on January 25, we told you that assembly of MP2 keyboards had been completed and that assembly of MP3 was in progress. Our factory was due to close for Chinese New Year on February 8. We were concerned that, if anything at all went wrong, no MP2 keyboards would ship out until the end of February, so Jesse got on a plane to Hong Kong for a last-minute...

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Model 01 MP2 keyboards should leave the factory within the week

TL;DR: MP2 keyboards are assembled and almost ready to ship out. (This should cover all remaining regular Kickstarter backers.) MP3 assembly has started. Jesse is on his way to China to expedite things. We’re working to improve the shipping experience going forward. Hello from Oakland, When we last wrote in December, we told you that because the new wood suppliers hadn’t hit the dates they’d promised, remaining orders wouldn’t ship out until after Christmas. Both new wood suppliers have delivered and the factory has completed assembly of more than 1000 keyboards. They’re working on the next 1000 now. Wooden enclosures...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 907: Update on wood suppliers and MP1 field reports

  Hello from Oakland, We’re going to miss Christmas deliveries for most, if not all unshipped Kickstarter and pre-order keyboards. There is an outside chance that we’ll be able to ship out about 500 more keyboards before Christmas, but we’d rather not mis-set your expectations (again). We feel horrible about this. We’re really, really sorry. Please know that we’re not slacking off. We’ve been continuing to have nightly conference calls with the factory and have been pushing the suppliers as hard as we can to try to catch up. If you want to know what’s been happening, read on. Markus...

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