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Model 01 Day 481: Part samples and drop tests

Hello from Oakland! TL;DR: Keycap tooling is almost done! The feet design we were concerned about last time was as bad as we thought. We think we’ve got something much better. We’ve made some tweaks to the electrical design and firmware; we’ve figured out some stuff about keycap painting and kitting; we’ve been doing drop tests. In general, manufacturing is proceeding apace: slower than we’d like but moving forward steadily. The changes to the base/foot design potentially adds 3-4 weeks of delay. We’re currently betting that the first units will start to ship from the factory in November. Keycap injection mold...

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September 2017: A surprise trip to Shenzhen to QC the first 1000 MP keyboards

TL;DR: QC of the first 1000 keyboards starts tomorrow. They should be on a plane to the US by Monday; The wood factory is working on the second 1000 enclosures, but hasn’t promised a delivery date yet; Jesse’s in China for an unplanned trip to do QC; Bay Area meetup November 11th. Hello from Oakland and Shenzhen, (Right now, Jesse’s on the ground in Shenzhen for an unexpected factory visit. More on that later.) When we wrote last month, we’d been pretty certain that keyboards for all Kickstarter backers would be on their way by now. That did not come...

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Model 01 Day 795 (August 2017): Reports from the field

TL;DR: PVT keyboards are in customers hands; we’ve been working to ensure that issues found during the PVT run will be resolved before mass production starts next week; we’re working with BackerKit to get surveys out to everyone who preordered a keyboard from our website. Hello from Oakland, Since we last wrote in June, we’ve shipped the first 65 keyboards to Kickstarter backers who offered to help us test keyboards from the pilot run. At the same time, we’ve been working with the factory to get ready for Mass Production.     Mass Production starts next week Mass Production is...

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Model 01 Day 743: PVT

Hello from Oakland! TL;DR: PVT assembly is done; Mass Production should start next month. We have quite a bit of news to report this month. Probably the biggest and most exciting news is that we’re (finally) no longer three weeks away from starting the pilot run (also known as PVT). Roughly 85 PVT units were produced last week and are finishing up 72 hours of ‘burn-in’ testing now. On Wednesday, our third-party QC agency will double-check them as they go into their boxes. On Thursday or Friday, an express shipper should pick them up and put them on a plane...

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May 2017 update

TL;DR: Initial FCC/CE pretesting results; Component sourcing craziness; We’re guessing that we’re about two weeks out from starting PVT Hello from Oakland, When we last wrote, we were pretty sure that April would see Jesse in Shenzhen overseeing manufacture of the first 100 Model 01 keyboards. That didn’t happen and we’re pretty bummed out about it. As of this writing, we believe Jesse will be getting on a plane to Shenzhen in two or three weeks. Below, we’re going to lay out what’s happened in the past month and what still needs to happen before we start manufacturing. RJ45 connectors...

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