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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 393: Production Schedule

TL;DR: We negotiated and signed a manufacturing agreement with a factory. Jesse got on a plane to China. Kaia wired a six figure deposit to Hong Kong. We have a first-pass manufacturing schedule. Long lead-time components are getting ordered on Monday or Tuesday. Our internal estimate on ship date is November 1. Hello from Oakland & Shenzhen! The past month has been eventful. Kaia negotiated a manufacturing agreement with our preferred factory. We woke up one morning two weeks ago to find a stamped and countersigned PDF of the contract waiting in our email. You have no idea what a...

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Model 01 Day 363: Vendor selection

Hello from Oakland! TL;DR: Got a bunch of quotes. Eliminated all but two potential manufacturers. Checking references now. Jesse’s probably spending July in Shenzhen doing DFM and getting set for manufacturing, with a goal of shipping keyboards this fall (assuming no more than one major catastrophe.) Collecting quotes Over the last month, we received sales quotations from almost everybody Jesse visited while in Taiwan and China. After signing an NDA, we sent each factory the same bid packet. Included were a full Bill of Materials, Schematics, PCB layouts, 2D drawings of mechanical parts, 3D models of mechanical parts and a...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 325: So many factory visits

Hello from Oakland! TL;DR: Back from China. Have good manufacturing options. Should have all remaining quotes in hand this month, so we can pick one and get your keyboards made. Once we sign with a manufacturer, they'll commit to a ship date. Also: Bay Area folks, come see us and a few hundred other projects at Maker Faire on May 20-22.  So very many factory visits When we last wrote, Jesse was in Taipei. He'd just visited the first two of eight potential Model 01 contract manufacturers. The following day, he had a very positive meeting with the last of the Taiwan-based keyboard...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 301: Progress on Several Fronts

Hello from Taipei! A very jetlagged Jesse here—Kaia's back in Oakland minding the farm. I arrived late Tuesday night and spent this week meeting with the first two of eight or so potential contract manufacturers for the Model 01, as well as two potential wood milling factories.  Over the next two weeks, I'll be visiting the rest, as well as a few additional potential wood enclosure suppliers in Shenzhen. I'll also be visiting the Global Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong. You can think of the GSF as 'sort of like CES, except with very, very few brand names you've ever...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 265: A setback

TL;DR: We got dumped. We’ve had the ceremonial pint of Ben & Jerry’s and we’re on our way to finding a new manufacturer. Before you ask, no, there’s no Tinder for keyboard factories. Once we’ve got a new manufacturer on board, we should be able to share a revised timeline for delivery of your keyboard. You can rest assured that we’re not going to compromise on quality and that your keyboard will be as good or better than if we’d continued working with the original manufacturer.   The past month has had its bright spots, too. Parts for the first...

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