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What $50 Buys You at Huaqiangbei, the World’s Most Fascinating Electronic Market

What $50 Buys You at Huaqiangbei, the World’s Most Fascinating Electronic Market Unsurprisingly, setting up manufacturing has meant that Jesse’s been spending…rather a lot of time in Shenzhen. Mostly, his days at the factory start at 9:30 AM and wrap up somewhere between 8 and 10 PM. But on Sundays, he’s been at loose ends. This trip, he decided to do something about that. Read about our little side project on Medium 

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Model 01 Day 453: Working through issues with sample parts

Hello from Portland, Oregon! TL;DR We finally got a full sample of the enclosure + feet + interconnect bars. There’s a problem with reverse-tilt configurations. The factory is on it. We’re headed back to China in ten days to check the first parts coming out of the injection molds. We’re in Portland through this Monday for XOXO, come say hi! We should have some stickers for you. Shipping addresses A few of you have written to tell us that you’ve moved and to make sure we have current addresses. While we’re always happy to hear from you, don’t worry about shipping...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 420: Hinges and feet and keycaps and PCBs

TL;DR: Jesse extended his trip to Shenzhen by a week. We’ve solved many of the issues mentioned in the last update. The first samples made by the factory weren’t quite right. Second samples should be done in the next week. Hello from Shenzhen and Oakland, Things are proceeding apace, though it hasn’t all been sunshine and puppy dogs. (Disclosure, it’s been sunny and in the high 90s most days since Jesse arrived in Shenzhen. And he did take a Saturday morning off to attend a pet expo featuring a puppy bearing a charming facsimile of our logo.) The design process...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 393: Production Schedule

TL;DR: We negotiated and signed a manufacturing agreement with a factory. Jesse got on a plane to China. Kaia wired a six figure deposit to Hong Kong. We have a first-pass manufacturing schedule. Long lead-time components are getting ordered on Monday or Tuesday. Our internal estimate on ship date is November 1. Hello from Oakland & Shenzhen! The past month has been eventful. Kaia negotiated a manufacturing agreement with our preferred factory. We woke up one morning two weeks ago to find a stamped and countersigned PDF of the contract waiting in our email. You have no idea what a...

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Model 01 Day 363: Vendor selection

Hello from Oakland! TL;DR: Got a bunch of quotes. Eliminated all but two potential manufacturers. Checking references now. Jesse’s probably spending July in Shenzhen doing DFM and getting set for manufacturing, with a goal of shipping keyboards this fall (assuming no more than one major catastrophe.) Collecting quotes Over the last month, we received sales quotations from almost everybody Jesse visited while in Taiwan and China. After signing an NDA, we sent each factory the same bid packet. Included were a full Bill of Materials, Schematics, PCB layouts, 2D drawings of mechanical parts, 3D models of mechanical parts and a...

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