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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 235: Happy Year of the Monkey!

Hello from Oakland! TL;DR: everything’s moving forward. though progress in January was slower than we’d hoped for. Electrical Engineering Since we last wrote, we sent our schematics and circuit board designs to our first-choice manufacturer for review. It took them a bit to get back to us, but they were generally happy with our design. The next step is to get prototype boards made. Because of the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, the manufacturer hasn’t been able to make that happen this month. They’ve said that they’ll be able to get them put together soon after they’re back from vacation...

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Model 01 Day 204: Happy New Year!

Hello from Oakland! We hope your 2016 is off to a great start. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately: Electrical engineering After the last backer update, a couple of incredibly talented electrical engineers stepped up to review the board designs we thought were in pretty good shape. The reviews were very comprehensive…and incredibly humbling. The old boards would probably have worked, but the reviewers identified a whole bunch of things that we should be doing to make your keyboards easier to manufacture, more reliable and longer lasting. The EE contractor in Europe we’d been working with started updating the...

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Keyboardio appearance, 12/15!

Come play with our latest keyboards at the “Tech & Tinsel” Holiday Product Demo Night at the Computer History Museum on 12/15! Join us for drinks, mingling, and shopping. And a charity raffle for a Keyboardio Model 01 among other awesome prizes :) We will be joined by Goldieblox, Tile, Nomiku, Anki, Sprayable Inc, Nebia, NeuroOn, Lumo, NextThingCo and other lovely hardware people. See you there: http://bit.ly/1SacLBB Computer History Museum1401 N Shoreline BlvdMountain View, CA 94043 Tuesday, December 15, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PST) December 1st, 2015 1:08pm

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 149: Hofstadter's Law

Hello from Oakland!  TL;DR: Things are moving forward, if a bit slower than we'd like.  Manufacturing update We're in the process of negotiating a Statement of Work with our first-choice manufacturing partner. The SoW isn't a full-on contract. It's more of a one-pager that spells out minimum order quantities, major milestone dates and deliverables, a fee schedule, the rough process for design changes, certifications, warranty, and how the product will be delivered to us. Once the SoW is worked out, we'll have honest-to-goodness deadlines and rough delivery dates for the first order of Model 01s. At that point, we'll be...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 117: Engineering and Manufacturing update

Hello from Oakland, California! It’s been just over a month since we last wrote. This week, we’ve gotten a few gentle, friendly reminders that we’ve been a little quiet and should be sending out updates more frequently. Please keep doing that. When you’re hard at work on a project and the main thing you have to report is that things are going more slowly than you’d hoped and you haven’t hit a big milestone, it’s very, very easy to talk yourself into waiting just a bit longer before sending out an update. That is, of course, exactly the wrong thing...

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