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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 16: Stack Exchange in Denver

Hello from Colorado Springs, Colorado! A very timely double-rainbow over Texas Yesterday was a travel day. We spent the whole day driving through north-western Texas (there is a lot of Texas). Today, we passed through the corner of New Mexico, held a meetup at Stack Exchange in Denver and ended our day in Colorado Springs, on our way back to New Mexico. Since we last wrote, we've passed through 300% of our initial funding goal, the 50% mark on the month-long Kickstarter campaign and we've driven more than half of the total miles of the roadtrip. The car is holding up amirably,...

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Model 01 Day 14: ATX Hackerspace in Austin

Hello from Commanche, Texas! This morning, we drove from Waco to Austin and got to spend a bit of time chilling out in a cafe before this afternoon's meetup at ATX Hackerspace. As we pulled up, a member was just putting out a giant sign that read "Keyboardio!"  Scrappy the dog guards ATX Hackerspace's common room. ATX is a relatively large space divided into three parts: a classroom/common room/office area, a paid coworking area, and a fairly large shop area. They're a co-op and it sounded like their equipment was a mix of leased hardware, donations, member-owned machinery and gear bought...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 13: Dallas!

Hello from Waco, Texas–the birthplace of Dr Pepper! It feels like we haven't written in forever. In truth, it's been about 48 hours. Yesterday was our first pure travel day since setting out on this crazy road trip. The storms we were driving through were so bad that we ended up pulling off the road and hiding up at a little roadside cafe in the middle of nowhere for a few hours. These days, even little roadside cafes in the middle of nowhere serve pourovers and sell Hario V60 drippers.  Once the sun came back out, we got back on the...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 11: Arch Reactor in St Louis + Clicky Switches are now an option

Hello from Eureka, Missouri! First up, some product news. We're thrilled to announce that we're going to be able to offer you the option of a nice, loud, clicky Model 01. A few days ago, we stopped in Toronto to visit Matias, our keyswitch manufacturer. One of the things we talked about was whether we could offer a version of the Model 01 with loud, clicky switches. They confirmed that we'll be able to do so. So today, we're pleased to announce a new backer reward–$309 for a Model 01 with loud, clicky switches. If you're getting a pair of Model 01s...

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Model 01 Kickstarter Day 9: Maker Works in Ann Arbor (and some notes about Bluetooth)

Hello from Marshall, Michigan, just north of the Kalamazoo river! This afternoon, we made our way from Hamilton, Ontario to Ann Arbor, Michigan. The border crossing was uneventful. US Customs were even less interested in the Model 01 than their Canadian counterparts. Crossing over the Ambassador Bridge from Ontario to Michigan Tonight's show and tell was at Maker Works in Ann Arbor. Around 20 folks showed up to chat with us and to put their hands on the Model 01. Nobody brought any other keyboards to compare, but we saw our first Novena (other than ours) in the wild. It worked just great...

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